Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I have started my blog today, not for attention of fame but so that many can know and understand the story of my life, if they even care to know such a story. It starts as any other story often starts,with a girl who is searching for meaning to her so far worthless life. In talking to her present boyfriend who will remain nameless until this journey goes further , she came to the realization that her happiness was compromised by her dependency on people. This burden had made her angry and worst of all even more unhappy. They ( the people in her life who she depended on) like they have done so so many times in her life repeatedly had let her down. She in not understanding what she knew now just let them keep her down.

" They"
"they" will let you down
"they" will keep you there
"they" will hurt you bad
only if you cared

"they" want understand
"they" can't understand
"they" are your friends
"they" even are your man

"they" will make you cry
"they" will betray you
"they" will try to keep you down
but you will pull through

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